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Video Tuition Workshops in Cambridge

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Video is increasingly essential for any business as part of their overall marketing strategy. Yet many SMEs don’t have the budget to hire a professional. However, all is not lost. You can shoot your own videos using your mobile phone, iPad or compact camera. We run regular video tuition workshops to show you how.  Once you have learnt this skill, you will be able to make your own videos as and when you need them, for no cost (apart from your time!)

This is the perfect workshop for you, if you want to produce regular and instant content for your website and/or social media channels and learn a new skill for your business (and for life).

We are offering one day (9.30-4.30) film tuition workshops to help you master the use of your camera, and understand about composition and lighting.

You will also be given advice on how to write a script and presenting to camera. At least half of the day is spent filming!  We guarantee you will have plenty of laughs, enabling you to relax and be smiley. Working in small friendly groups, you’ll get lots of encouragement, support and gain oodles of confidence to deliver your message.

Next date for a workshop is 17th January 2018. The workshops are held just outside Cambridge and are run for up to 9 people.  The cost of the workshop is £125 and includes a mini tripod with mobile phone clip and a limitless supply of refreshments.

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What do I need to bring into the workshop?

Your mobile phone with at least 2GBs of free memory, phone charger and download lead or compact camera or iPad if you have one. Laptop computer with at least 3GBs of free memory and charger. A packed lunch.

Here’s some of the great feedback from previous workshops
Today has been: Inspiring. Useful. Brilliant. Fun. Just right. Not long enough!

The very best bit was: Plenty of time to practise talking to my camera. Sorting my script. Filming outside. Learning how to use my camera. Realising how easy it was. Being able to learn from each other. Seeing the end result. Giving me the confidence to film myself. Really fun and so useful. Setting the scene. Plenty of time for retakes.

Things I really liked about the workshop: Friendly, casual and informal. No pressure. Audrie’s expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement. Not being made to feel incompetent. Easy to understand and no jargon. Great advice. Notes as reminders. Audrie’s style is so calm and relaxed. Great content. Working in small groups to help each other.

Today has given me: Motivatation. Ideas. Confidence. Lots of ways to improve.

and here are a couple of Testimonials

Jo Clayton of JoJo Cocoa “Being in possession of a tripod and a smart phone I thought I would learn how to use them properly. I attended a workshop run by BMVideomedia and had the loveliest day in the company of other business women, just talking to camera basically. I had written up a script and sort of followed it, but I soon realised that I was better off ad-libbing. Audrie taught me to think about the way the background looks, where the sun is, or if indoors, where the light is best, all of this sounds really obvious, but I have made videos before and not even had the camera the right way round! Having my videos on YouTube means I reach a far wider audience. More people knowing about chocolate, well that’s only got to be a good thing right?”

Peter King, Chairman, Eltisley History Society
“Audrie’s training has been inspirational – encouraging and supportive.  The confidence we gained has encouraged us to plan more projects for the coming year, based upon what we have learned.” 

Graham Spinks, MultiMedia Design Studio
“Audrie helped us create a promotional video for the Training Tracker User Group day. She was very comfortable working with a group of senior professionals and has the knack of putting everybody at their ease, ensuring that they appear at their very best.”



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