3 biggest myths about B2B online video

June 17, 2015

Myth #1: Business Decision Makers Don’t Watch Online Videos About Business

This is a really common one. When you talk about online video, often times you’re fighting against that image of YouTube as a collection of videos made by teenagers in their bedrooms. And while YouTube definitely has plenty of that, there’s obviously a lot of serious content out there as well. Google and Forbes Insights did a study a while back that found that 75% of executives at the nation’s largest companies watch business-related videos every week. And 65% had visited a vendor because of a video. What’s important to keep in mind here is that while we might all like to imagine decision makers as digesting every relevant written report for their industry, the truth of the matter is that these people are busy. Really busy in most cases. And video can be a great way to break through, even if the ultimate goal is to simply make them aware of a longer, text-based report you’ve developed.

Myth #2: Video Is Too Simplistic For To Put Our Message Across

The first thing I’d say on this point is that simple doesn’t mean simplistic. Great videos, especially animated explainers, feel simple because a lot of thought has gone into pre-production and concept development. Our process pretty much always starts with our clients dumping a ton of information on us. Our job is to sort through it and hone a message that delivers the most important points in a way the intended audience is going to be receptive to. Also, as anybody who has ever worked in video knows, video is the most dense, sophisticated medium there is. It operates on a lot of levels. The interaction of the voice-over with the on-screen imagery gives huge opportunities to subtly makes points, add humor and irony and develop your brand’s voice. That great explainer videos deliver such high conversion rates surely has something to do with all of the emotional and informational levels video is acting on simultaneously.

Myth #3: Creating A Professional Video Is Completely Out Of Our Budget

Well, the overall trends in the pricing of production in the video industry are on a dramatic downward arc over the long-term. And as the technology allows ever-more sophisticated tools to scale, more and more talented professionals can get more and more great video projects to market. But another big consideration that is often over-looked by business owners is the ‘one-timeness’ of the investment in video. The business pays once and owns the copyright to the video. Every time they get a share after that or an earned impression online, it’s free. It’s also free to put it in emails, use it at the beginning of presentations and to display it at conventions. Traditional printed collateral has to be continually physically re-produced, and at the end of the day, it will always inevitably end up in the trash somewhere. Not only is video free over the long-term, but it actually continues to work for you! A good video that has driven online engagement and built audience and credibility on a site like YouTube gives lasting, long-term exposure benefits.


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