Boost YouTube rankings with our SEO guide

April 13, 2015

You’ll get more video views and higher visibility on Google search
if you follow these simple steps.

• Use a descriptive title, at least 5-words long. Put keyword(s) at start if possible.
• Use keyword(s) in filename. Eg make filename same as title, so think about title before uploading.
• Write a long description (100s of words), as if it was on a web page
• Choose keywords that are ‘video keywords’ ie phrases that give page 1 video results on google search
• Call to action annotations – ask viewer to subscribe, to like, to comment & other actions you can think of
• Allow comments
• Once you have 10 videos in your YouTube channel, organize them into themed playlists
• Link to the video in your email signature to get friends & family bump up views
• Embed your videos in blog posts

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