How to Write a Marketing Video Script

August 3, 2015

17 tips to help you write an effective marketing video script

  1. Make your marketing video with one clear purpose in mind and you’ll see strong and measurable results.
  2. Always outline your video script before starting to write, otherwise you’ll lose focus on your main message.
  3. Use your marketing video as an opportunity to tell a story, it will make the message come to life.
  4. Different types of marketing video have different ideal lengths, but shorter is generally better for top of funnel marketing.
  5. Don’t make your marketing video any longer than it needs to be. Longer is fine, as long as the situation calls for it.
  6. One minute of video equals roughly 150 spoken words. You have to be very concise when script-writing for marketing videos.
  7. Short sentences hold attention better. Always use short and powerful sentences in your marketing video script.
  8. Humanise your message. If your video is cold and robotic, your audience will not get the message.
  9. Make the tone of your video appropriate to the audience. Humour generally helps, but don’t over do it.
  10. Avoid jargon in your marketing videos, unless your viewers know what you’re talking about.
  11. 11. Always focus on the benefits of your business, not the list of features. Your viewers don’t care about the features.
  12. Write your video script in natural, conversational language, like how you would talk to a customer over the phone.
  13. People make decisions based on emotional responses. This means your video needs to make an emotional connection.
  14. Give your viewers a single powerful call to action at the end of your marketing video.
  15. The right call to action for your marketing video depends on where your video is being viewed.
  16. Read your video script out loud to others to see if they understand the message, if they don’t, change it.
  17. Put your draft script down and read it out loud tomorrow. You’ll see things tomorrow that you can’t see today.

Eden Videos have also provided the tips as a very useful  infographic 

Source: Martin, Creative Director, Eden Videos 



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