Why you need to use video marketing in your social media campaign

May 11, 2015

Social media is now increasingly turning towards video marketing.

Over the last few years, online video has proven to be the most engaging and compelling form of content for social media users who watch and share thousands of them every single minute. Every major social network, from Facebook to Pinterest, has recently developed their own native video services and/or promoted video ads. So we know for a fact that video marketing will be taking over social media!

Below is detail on each of the main social media channels and why you should go for video marketing to boost your social media campaign:


Mark Zuckerberg himself has recently announced that Facebook will turn efforts towards video marketing next year. Zuckerberg claimed that “most of the content on Facebook is content that people are sharing with their friends and the people around them. And if you look into the future, a lot of the content that people share will be video. It’s just very compelling.” Zuckerberg’s words are great news for brands that are already running video marketing campaigns and those who were skeptical in doing so.


Has recently launched a beta version of Promoted Video Ads. This is a huge step for the world’s 2nd largest social network, and it’s already inspiring and encouraging marketers to get their online videos ready for what’s coming next. Twitter has a sharing rate of more than 2,000 tweets that include video links per minute, but they had neither included native video embedding nor native video promotion until now. The Promoted Video switch allows video tweets promotion for the very first time, and offers complete video analytics through a pay-per-click system.


This video sharing site owned by Google remains the 2nd largest search engine in the world and 3rd largest social network and, as long as it stays on top, you must have your videos running and optimized in your YouTube channel. With 1 billion monthly users, YouTube is the easiest way for any online business to share and promote their brand with marketing videos. And, being a powerful social media channel, it’s a great place to build your video marketing strategy through community engagement by following, commenting and sharing with other brands.


Videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo are pinnable and playable on Pinterest and this can definitely widen your videos’ viewership and sharing rates. Just like on YouTube, make sure you choose and eye-catching thumbnail plus wise tags.

Vine and Instagram

The two ascending kings of micro-video owned by Twitter and Facebook are heading towards video marketing too!

Instagram has announced its own Video Ads, along with some basic analytics tools which allow target users by age, gender and country.

Likewise, Vine (officially launched less than 2 years ago) is experimenting with 6-second promoted video ads and it has already had great reviews for its compelling branding results.

But now you’re wondering; how can you better seize all of the video marketing possibilities that social media offers?
Well, if you’re not using them already, you should try these great pieces of content:

Explainer Videos: these under-2-minute marketing videos are made to explain any product or service in an engaging way. They’re usually fun and compelling animated videos, something that generates empathy and trust in a brand. They increase click-through-rates, reduce website bounce rate and can boost conversions by 20% on average. They’re the perfect type of video branding content to use in order to promote online businesses in social media. http://bit.ly/1zT4kGq

Screencast Videos: these kind of corporate videos showcase how your product or service works. They have a more “serious” approach than explainer videos or microvideos, but they are a good option for some online businesses that need to reveal their product’s new features to the online world in a realistic way.

Webinars: these sorts of online video master classes are made to explain new marketing trends, discuss online services and educate the audience along the way. They’re great social media tools because they encourage an open dialogue, which leads to immediate audience engagement, and also labels the webinar speaker as a marketing expert. http://bit.ly/1KXHvCr

Microvideos: if your brand hasn’t tried Vine’s short looping videos or Instagram’s 15-second videos yet, it’s time to do it. Despite not having the quality or being as visually compelling as animated explainer videos, they’re great branding builders. Microvideos can show a fun sneak-peek of a day at the office or even a sketch of a brand-new project, so they get your brand closer to your target audience on social media.

Reference: www.socialmediatoday.com

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